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Boutique Body Experience


Delightfully Turkish Rose Body Treatment - Signature Treatment      $240

150 Min of absolute bliss with a full body Himalayan Salt Glow scrub, followed by a relaxing full body massage with our amazing Signature Turkish Rose Body Treatment blend that will Nourish and Moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling soft, fresh and new. A body wrap allows these oils to soak deeper into your skin while you are treated to luxurious mini Facial with facial and scalp massage. Recover in peaceful surrounds with a delicious cup of Rose and French Vanilla Tea and a treat.

Back Revival 30 min $55

If your back is feeling a little dry and neglected this is the treatment for you! Get a squeaky clean back with this relaxing treatment. A deep cleanse is followed by an exfoliating back scrub, lastly a sumptuous and nourishing body lotion is gently massaged onto your skin.

Back Revival Ritual  $99

This "Bacial" is a facial for your back!  Our back tends to get neglected especially through winter. This treatment is ideal to cleanse and purify this hard to reach area of your body. We commence with a thorough cleanse, then an exfoliating scrub followed by a peel. Any breakouts are extracted before we apply a tailored mask, ending by massaging a nourishing moisturiser onto your skin. (60 min)

Essential Body Harmony Massage     $149

Completely unwind with a relaxing Full body Massage followed by a Reflexology treatment to help rebalance and revive your body (120min) 


Luxurious Serenity Facial     $135

Melt away your stress with this Ultimate Relaxation facial!  Starting with a relaxing 30 min Back massage followed by A Luxurious Synergy Facial  (90min)


Cloud Nine Facial   $135  

Drift on a cloud of bliss with this popular treatment... a Luxurious Synergy facial completed with a relaxing foot massage to reinvigorate your body and mind.


Far Infrared Sauna (30min Session) $33    or combine with a Massage for $28

Our body readily absorbs far infrared or healthy light to a depth of 45mm creating a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles as well as detoxing of the body through sweat.   Infrared saunas also aid in improving your cardiovascular and immune system assisting with overall vitality and wellbeing.

The benefits of infrared saunas include:

  • strengthens cardiovascular system

  • Boosts immune system

  • Decreases the effects of diabetes

  • Improves blood flow throughout your body. This loosens tight and stiff muscles and joints, which is good news for those who suffer from chronic pain

  • Aids in weight loss. Spending 30 minutes in a sauna can burn up 1000 calories

  • Promotes more youthful healthier skin

Hand & Foot Bliss

Revitalising Manicure  (60 min)   $75

Revive your hands with an exfoliating scrub, shaping of the nails followed by a hydrating and de-stressing hand massage, ending in a nail polish of your choice

Deluxe Spa Pedicure  (90 min)   $95

Soak your tired feet in a warm foot spa, exfoliate  with a Himalayan salt scrub, then all hard skin and callusing is removed using my unique European Pedicure System, leaving your feet renewed and silky smooth. Lie down cocooned on a warm, comfortable bed and rift away with my soothing foot massage whilst your feet soak up the nourishing lotion. Ending with a nail polish of your choice. Finally, float out on your beautiful new feet!